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Giving Back

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Prevention Coalition Gives $6,000 to Organizations in Burnett County

Instead of celebrating the luck of the Irish this past St. Paddy’s Day, Burnett County Adolescent AODA Prevention Coalition (BCAAPC) announced they were celebrating the hard work of the community.

BCAAPC has been hosting the St. Patrick’s Day Shamwalk/run 5k for 5 years. Each year, funds raised from the event are saved and distributed to assist community and school projects that can’t otherwise be funded by the coalition’s Drug Free Communities Grant. The largest portion of money each year is typically given to the Five District AODA Prevention Group which assists the schools in Burnett County to host safe post prom activities for students. This year, however, they were able to make an even larger impact on the community. After 5 years the coalition slowly saved enough from the fundraiser to donate an even larger sum of money back to their important community partners to thank them and award them for their work to make Burnett County a healthier and safer place to live and raise our kids.

In January of this year, BCAAPC asked for community organizations, clubs, schools, churches, etc. to submit applications for a chance to earn a $1,000 mini-grant to support their cause. In February, BCAAPC coalition members reviewed the applications and awarded four community partners a total of $6,000, all of which was raised at the Shamwalk/run, to support their efforts to benefit Burnett County.

On March 14th, 2015, after all of the runners and walkers crossed the finish line at the 5th Annual Shamwalk/run, Coalition Coordinator, Lil Pinero, announced to the racer’s that this year their registration funds would be used for an extra special purpose. Burnett County Family Resource Center was awarded $2,000 to purchase supplies and implement a Nurturing Parenting Curriculum for parents and their children aged 5-11 years. St. Croix Tribal Health Clinic and Minochigedda Prevention Coalition was awarded $1,500 to host a Native American Motivational Speaker into the community to address issues with Drugs and Alcohol. Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin was granted $1,500 to implement a marijuana awareness and education program which includes t-shirts for participating students. Lastly, $1,000 was awarded to the Burnett County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee to create a program which would evaluate current programming and increase financial savings for the county. In addition, to thank the Siren School District for their student volunteer participation to help run the 5th annual Shamwalk/run BCAAPC will be donating funding to support their post prom event.

Pinero states, “We are excited to be able to help our community partners accomplish not only their jobs, but fund their passions. The people whose projects we were able to fund truly have a desire to help people and do good in Burnett County. These people applied for the mini-grant because they genuinely care about the community, not because they had to. It is amazing to be able to give back to these people and support their dreams because of the fundraiser we host. Of course we couldn’t accomplish any of this without our faithful runners, walkers, volunteers, and donators for the Shamwalk, they’re the real people that made this happen and we are so grateful for the support we have in this community to keep it going strong.”

The Burnett County Adolescent AODA Prevention Coalition (BCAAPC) is a diverse community of organizations and individuals dedicated to preventing youth substance abuse by promoting a healthy environment and supporting safe choices. They have successfully driven campaigns such as “The Parents Who Host”, “Carding is Caring”, and “Prescription Drug Take-Back Days”, and have also hosted “Youth Leadership Days” for local students and assisted in funding post prom activities. BCAAPC takes pride in assisting to prevent drinking and driving and decreasing the misuse of prescription drugs as well as illegal drug abuse.
Amongst our Grant Coordinator and Grant Coordinator Assistant team we are fortunate to work with the representatives from several sectors in our community, which include the 12 DFC sectors. The  12 sectors are as follow; youth, business, parents, schools, law enforcement, religious/fraternal, civic volunteer, health professionals, youth serving organizations, other substance abuse organization, state/local/tribal government agencies, and media. Our 12 sector representatives are present at our monthly coalition meetings and are actively working in our communities to enhance the mission and vision of BCAAPC. 

To volunteer, join the coalition, or donate to the Shamwalk/run cause: contact BCAAPC Grant Coordinator, Lil Pinero at lpinero@sirentel.net.

BCAAPC Gives $1,000 to the Siren Youth AODA Prevention Group for Post-Prom Activities.

Details coming soon.